Forward. My word for 2022.


My word for 2022.

I’m pushing through the fear and trying to learning to become less attached to the outcome.

It’s time to share all the blog posts I have in my head in case it resonates with even one person.


I feel these last two years I’ve actually taken the “be safe” global message too personally. Although this has been a great time to turn inward and reflect on the past, present and future (mostly the past), enough is enough.

I am enough.

Less dwelling, more action. Get some of those ideas out there and see what happens.

I am creative.

Time to embrace the happy I do feel and not be holding it in because it can make people uncomfortable.

I am positive.

Face the fact that I need to move more and indulge less.

I am strong.

All this and more, to move forward.

I am worthy.


All the best,

here's to a fresh new year!